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Your vinyls are works of art

Why are you hiding them?

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We present you the new AMA frames

Better finishes, solid ayous wood, more defined lines and 5mm thicker

beech wood detail

The best frame for vinyl records
with easy open system

Make the most of your vinyl records (single, double or triple), dressing your walls with your favorite albums and visual artists.
AMA frames are the fruit of design, functionality and sustainability. They are handcrafted with top quality natural materials. They integrate our easy open system, with which you can easily change the cover and decoration.

Available in solid ayous and oak wood.

Frame to expose vinyls
Frame for displaying vinyl records
Frame for displaying vinyl records

Mat adapters for 7 ″ and 10 ″ vinyl

Size does not matter. You can now expose 7 ″, 10 ″ and 12 ″ vinyls in the same frame. Thanks to the new 7 ″ and 10 ″ adapters the AMA frames are even more versatile and functional. The new mat are the perfect complement to enjoy your entire vinyl collection (whatever its size!).

mat for 7 and 10 inch vinyl
Frame for vinyl singles
10 "vinyl frame

AMA frame + Adapters for 7 ″ or 10 ″ vinyl

Rediscover your entire 7 ″, 10 ″ or 12 ″ vinyl collection in the same frame.

Frames for 7 ", 10" and 12 "vinyl records
Frames for LPs, singles and 10 "
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Rediscover your music with AMA vinyl record frames

There are album covers that are true icons of music history: Andy Warhol's mythical banana on the first vinyl of The Velvet Undergound, the enigmatic countenance of David Bowie in Aladdin Sane, the pyramidal prism of Pink Floyd in The dark side of the moon, and a long list of immortal records.

Others are authentic borrowed works of art, such as Brueghel's oil painting that gives life to the cover of the first Fleet Foxes album, or they are based on famous paintings, such as the covers of Use your illusion (Guns N 'Roses) or God shuffled his feet (Crash test dummies) and his clear references to Raphael and Titian.

As good works of art, it's a shame these extraordinary album covers remain hidden in a pile or gathering dust on a shelf. Find your twelve-inch vinyls a hole in the wall of the living room or bedroom and create your personal gallery, placing them on the wall with frames to expose safe and manageable vinyls.

After all, by forgetting the album cover you are half admiring the work, ignoring the message that musicians and graphic artists try to send to the listener. Once you understand this, you realize that an album without a cover is a naked and incomplete creation. You want to frame them and hang them on the wall, either to contemplate the covers while the music fills the room or, why not, to set up your personal art gallery at home.

Once you consider using frames for vinyl records of AMA, ideas multiply. You can use them as support to be proud of those hard-to-find records, to show your guests the good musical taste you have, to have the records you are listening to lately at hand ... In any case, it is clear that exposing your vinyl is at least one original and practical idea to decorate your walls.

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